Frequently Asked Questions and General Information

How do I get my files to you?

Files can be uploaded during the checkout process, after viewing your cart.

The file size limit for this method is 10mb. For file sizes larger than 10mb sizes or to upload multiple files, you can also send your files directly to us. Our main navigation menu has an “upload file” option that will redirect you to our file sharing host.

You can also email us at with files up to 25mb, or send us a link from your own file sharing host such as drop box, wetransfer, or hightail.

Accepted File Types for checkout upload: .jpg, .png, .tiff, .pdf, .psd

Are your files large enough for your desired finished print or display?

All files should be flattened and 300 DPI or 150 DPI at the final size based on desired results. Below is a chart to help determine the file size needed for a particular print size. Please allow a quarter inch or half inch bleed for edges.

This conversion is very important for graphic designers. If you want to professionally print a photograph, then it should be at least 300 dpi. If you are printing an image from a 2-mega-pixel camera, then the image can’t be larger than about 6 x 4″. An 8-mega-pixel camera will let you print images at about 11 x 8″. This chart is only meant to be a rough guideline and does not mean you are limited to these sizes. These sizes will produce optimum quality prints but quality is an arbitrary concept and varies from person to person.

* The megapixel stats are true megapixels. For example, a camera that generates 2540 pixels x 1932 pixels is really a 4.9 megapixel camera. The manufacturer may sell that camera as 5 megapixels, but it’s really not.

** The definition of DPI is: Dots Per Inch. A measure of the resolution of a printer, scanner, or monitor. It refers to the number of dots in a one-inch line. The more dots per inch, the higher the resolution.

Do you work with film?

All printing is of the digital variety but you can provide film as original media, 35mm to 8×10 negative or transparency will be scanned in order to print. Basic dust removal will be preformed at the discretion of Fullerton Digital at no charge.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Online orders are processed through paypal, either via a paypal account, or through a debit/credit card using our paypal gateway.

What is the archival life of a photo print? 

Over 100 years in typical home display. Over 200 years in dark storage. 1-5 years for commercial display.

Can I get test or proof prints?

Yes, test or proof prints are available at no charge, for quantities of 25 or more from one file. You only have to pay for shipping. Proof prints are generally 8×10 in size. Proofs larger than 8×10 will be charged at the discretion of Fullerton Digital. We can also send you an electronic proof via e-mail. Electronic proofs are intended only for cropping, retouching or requested art effects they should not be used for color or density due to variances in computer monitors.

What type of photographic paper does your photo lab use?

We print on the Fuji Crystal Archive line of professional papers. We offer Glossy, Matte and Pearl surfaces (Pearl enhances saturation and adds a metallic shimmer to the surface of the print). We also offer the Fuji presentation materials Fuji Flex and Fuji Trans. Both are durable poly based material designed for brilliant color representation backlighting displays (Fuji Trans) and front light display (Fuji Flex).

When will my order ship?

We offer a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time on most print orders, based on current work loads. Orders including mounted prints, gallery wraps and prints that require retouching may extend the expected turnaround time. Orders that are received on Friday after business hours will be treated as orders received on Monday morning. We do not ship on weekends.

Please note: Delays may occur during the holidays, depending on our daily volume as well as our shipping courier’s volume.

How do I know you received my order?

After we receive your order, we will send you an email confirming the receipt of your order. If you do not receive a confirming email within 24 hours please, please contact us at 1-714-767-3987, to ensure we have received your order. Should there be any questions regarding your order we will reach out to you via email.

Will I be notified when my order is shipped and how much will shipping cost? 

Yes, once your order is prepared for shipment, you will receive an email indicating the carrier and a tracking number. A minimal charge for packaging will be added to the invoice based on the particular needs of each order. Actual shipping charges will be billed directly to your credit card.

Megapixel to Print size

Megapixel Dimensions Raw size Print Size @ 300 dpi
(pixel x pixel) (MB) (inches x inches)
1 1152 x 864 2.85 3.8 x 2.9
1.5 1520 x 1008 4.38 5 x 3.4
2 1728 x 1152 5.7 5.8 x 3.8
2.5 1856 x 1392 7.39 6.2 x 4.6
3 1984 x 1488 8.45 6.6 x 5
3.5 2268 x 1512 9.8 7.6 x 5
4 2304 x 1728 11.4 7.7 x 5.8
5 2592 x 1944 14.4 8.6 x 6.5
6 2832 x 2128 17.2 9.4 x 7
7 3072 x 2304 20.3 10.2 x 7.7
8 3264 x 2448 22.9 10.9 x 8.2
11 4064 x 2704 31.4 13.6 x 9
12.1 4256 x 2848 34.7 14.2 x 9.5
13.5 4500 x 3000 38.6 15 x 10
16.6 4992 x 3328 47.5 16.6 x 11
17 5048 x 3368 48.6 16.8 x 11.2
18 5200 x 3464 51.5 17.3 x 11.5
19 5336 x 3560 54.3 17.8 x 11.9
20 5480 x 3656 57.3 18.3 x 12.2
21 5616 x 3744 60.2 18.7 x 12.5
22 5744 x 3832 63 19.1 x 12.8
23 5872 x 3912 65.7 19.6 x 13.0
24 6000 x 4000 68.7 20 x 13.3
25 6120 x 4080 71.4 20.4 x 13.6