Pop Up Displays come in a variety of sizes, 6 foot, 8 foot and larger, there is even a table top sized Pop-Up display with either graphic panels or fabric panels. Each display booth uses a frame that can “pop up” allowing the display to be assembled or disassembled in a matter of minutes. The photomural panel strips can be rolled up and stored in your shipping case when not in use. When the graphic panels are hung from the frame of your pop-up display, they form a large, seamless back wall graphic that is perfect for displaying company images and logos.

The photomural panels are printed directly on a high-quality photo paper material using inkjet technology or LightJet photo printing technology and a lamination process that sandwiches the printed photo panel between the top protective film and the thicker back laminate. The protective lamination process prevents curling and ensures good quality, long lasting graphics.
Photomural panels are finished with a 5mil Laminate on the face, usually a light texture surface that is very durable and easy to clean. Luster, Matte or Glossy surfaces are also available. A 10mil glossy laminate is used on the back to add rigidity to the panel. The end cap panels that curve around the ends of the display are finished with the same face laminate but the back is finished with a 5mil laminate to allow the panel to hold the curve. All panels are fitted with magnets and custom made hangers for various display stands except for Nimlock, those hangers must be ordered from the manufacturer. Hook and loop Velcro is also available in place of magnets and hangers.
Graphics have a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.






Our retractable banners and banner stands are ideal for trade show promotional signs, point-of-purchase, or any other advertising venue. Our retractable stands have a sleek design with durable construction alowing for an easy, fast setup. It’s lightweight and portability is also very appealing for the avid traveler.






Tradeshow & Banner Services

Window, Vinyl Graphics

  Price per Square Foot
Permanent Adhesive: $7.50
Removable Adhesive: $7.50
One-way Window Perf: $10.00
13 oz. Glossy/Matte Scrim Material $7.50
Super smooth w/Block-out backing $7.50
12mil Super smooth w blocker & 10mil tex face $9.00
Window Clings: $8.50
POP-UP Displays & Retractable Banners

Graphic Panels

InkJet Technology Fuji Flex
Center Panels $160.00 $240.00
End Caps $120.00 $190.00


8′ Frame $375.00
10′ Frame $475.00
Table top $285.00

Retractable banners – Print only*

Small – 31.5×84 $91.90
Medium – 36×84 $105.00
Large – 39.25×84 $160.00
X Banner $91.90

Hardware – Does not include Print*

Small $105.00
Medium $115.00
Large $155.00
X Stand with bag $80.00