Acrylic Prints with Standoffs

Acrylic Prints with Standoffs

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Face Mounted Acrylic Prints

Face mounted acrylic prints provide a stunning and modern look to any home, office, or gallery. Using a clear adhesive, prints are adhered to the back of a ¼” thick piece of polished and clear acrylic. This helps protect prints from dust and scratches, improves the lifespan of the print, and adds a 3rd dimension to your print.

Standoff Mounting

Brushed metal standoffs are provided, un-attached, with the print. Holes are pre-drilled into the acrylic print for use with the standoffs and perfectly placed in each corner of the print. The holes can be used as a template for installing the standoffs into the wall surface where the print will hang. The acrylic is then fitted and fastened to the standoffs once they are in place.

For acrylics with a dimension that is much wider or taller than the other, a 3rd pair of holes may be drilled along the middle outer edges of the acrylic to help keep it from bowing.