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Acrylic Block Pricing

SIZE 1" Acrylic Block
with PVC back
4 x 6 $36.75
5x5 $42.00
5x7 $47.25
6x6 $51.45
7x10 $57.75
8x8 $54.60
8x10 $63.00
8x12 $73.50
10x10 $78.75
11x14 $89.25
12x12 $87.15
13x20 $173.25
16x20 $199.50

Acrylic Decor Blocks are made using the same techniques as our face mounted acrylic wall decor, but are designed to stand upright on a surface. They make great gifts, and are the perfect statement piece for your office desk, mantle, dresser, you name it. High quality photo prints are adhered to 1″ blocks that range in sizes from 4×6 to 11×14, standard photo sizes.

The thickness of 1″ helps keep it standing upright without worry of it falling over. We add a layer of thin black PVC to the back of each decorative block to help protect the print.